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Mind Your Good Business Manners

It's incredible how much your manners can say about you. Good manners can be the difference between you getting contract or the job or not. It's best to be mindful of and practice good business manners.

At Exceptional, our goal is to stay in touch, keep you informed, and help you grow your business by bringing you pertinent information and excellence in service. We provide the tools, you make it happen!

Help others in your circle grow their business. Feel free to share this newsletter! And if you are considering writing a book, I invite you to check out my book. It was written to give you the assistance you need to write your book.

Practicing a few common courtesies that are a part of good business manners should not be difficult. However, if you have grown rusty and can't remember what those courtesies are, read more about some of the good business manners you should be practicing.

Remember, at Exceptional, our goal is to help you manage your time by converting your audio recordings into documents (that includes books) and by assisting you with other writing and business challenges. We can help with your strategic plan, your accounting needs, even your social media.

Contact us! Our professional team delivers!

Are there other topics you would like covered in this monthly newsletter? Let us know! And tell me how you use your smartphone as your virtual assistant. Leave a comment!

Until next time...

Be Exceptional!



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