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Since 1995, Exceptional Business Solutions, Inc., located in Metro Atlanta, has been the premier provider of business solution services. 


Exceptional Business Solutions, Inc. provides accounting, administrative,  bookkeeping, tax services support, and consulting to various organizations, corporations, and individuals. For those who need it, we help clients streamline their businesses, map out processes and implement systems and automation for more flexible, cost-effective, and profitable operations.

In helping our clients keep their businesses organized, moving forward, and humming along smoothly, our work and support ultimately helps them grow, earn more money, and have more time for embracing the lifestyle they desire.

We are committed to developing a close working relationship with each of our clients. Exceptional Business Solutions is technologically advanced and utilizes the latest equipment and software. Our dedication, coupled with the latest technology, enables us to fulfill each client's needs. You always deserve the best working for you.  

We stand by our commitments, which means we take our duties seriously. We'll meet the deadlines. Our goals are to:

  • Increase client efficiency

  • Produce exceptional results

  • Eliminate office chaos

  • Enable our clients to focus on income-generating duties

  • We enjoy working closely with our clients being supportive, proactive, and providing a friendly, high-quality service that achieves your business goals.


We can accept files in most formats that can be uploaded quickly and securely using our FTP website service, fax, or email.


You will enjoy a hassle-free and a "can-do" attitude with our team of professionals and various support personnel, thus experiencing the "Exceptional Service" that has become the hallmark of the company's brand. 

Feel free to call 770-482-1092 or email us at for a detailed service plan based on your specific requirements.

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