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Is Fear Blocking Your Success?

Do you understand just what it is that is holding you back from achieving the success you work so hard for? While you may not be fully aware of it, FEAR may be at the core of the answer to that question. Fear may be preventing you from seeing phenomenal success.

I hear many friends and colleagues discussing the ups and downs of their business. If they are asked what is standing in the way of being successful, or even just starting a business of their own, I hear things like:

  • I don’t have the funds I need to be really successful.

  • I need to keep my current job because I need healthcare coverage.

  • I just don’t know what it is or have the tools and time it takes to keep the business running smoothly.

  • Now is not the time to build the business.

However, if any entrepreneur or business owner were to analyze what is truly holding them back, they are sure to find fear at the heart of most of the reasons and the excuses.

Fear actually takes many forms and some of those fears may involve legitimate concerns. However, that very concern can be your catapult to success. Here is what fear blocks on your road to success:

  • abundance,

  • exuberance,

  • a healthy outlook on your business and life,

  • collaboration with others,

  • expansion of your business,

  • authenticity,

  • action/motivation,

  • change.

When you operate from fear, you often engage in and embrace “worst case scenario” thinking. At the appropriate times this may be good, but when it takes over your thought process and you become immobilized, fear has blocked your way to success.

Visualize fear like a tree and just as the tree is rooted to the ground, fear can be fixed solidly in your minds. Again, like the tree has many branches, you may have many fears that contribute to success or failure.

There are solutions to avoid or overcome fear. I’m not saying they are easy solutions, but they are solutions that will help you become unstuck, nonetheless. These are just a few of the things you can do or attitudes you can adopt to help harness those fears:

  • Be aware when fear has reared it’s ugly head. Be honest with yourself and don’t rationalize that what you are feeling or experiencing is legitimate if it really isn’t. Most people have a fear of public speaking, but is it always grounded in any real danger. Meditation and prayer can help you recognize what is legitimate and what is irrational.

  • Embrace success as your “just deserts.” You deserve to succeed in your business but you must claim that as your right.

  • Be specific about what your fear is and look at the root cause. Is it rational or is it irrational without basis in reality?

  • Keep your vision and goals in the forefront when you are confronted with fear. Look at the small steps that you need to take. This will help mobilize you and help drive out fear.

  • Let go of perfectionism. This is one way of thinking that has it’s root cause in fear, but is often masquerading as an ideal to achieve. Yes, you want everything you do to reflect the best, but recognize that if you wait for everything to be perfect, for every moment to be perfect, you may be left waiting a long time.

  • When in doubt, take some kind of action. Even a little action can move you past your fears.

I admit that, on the surface, this is a rather simplistic approach. There can be so many layers and facets to fear that it is not easy to forage through and overcome them. Rather, I am giving you fuel to think over and that will hopefully propel you into action. Fear is a very difficult emotion, one that can be clearly standing in the way of your success or one that is operating as if it is a legitimate thought process. It can keep you stuck on mediocrity and even in failure. Fear is at the root of many unrealized and unfulfilled dreams and, without a doubt, it interferes with the success of your business.

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