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Midyear Personal and Business Checkup

Let’s talk about your personal vision. You shouldn’t be confused: there is a business vision and a personal vision. In truth, the success of your business vision is entwined with the success of your personal vision. Doesn’t it make sense to check your progress on both, especially at the midyear point? What does your midyear vision checkup look like?

Midyear remains a great time to see where are in accomplishing your goals for your personal life and your goals for your business. We all want to become successful, accomplish our goals, but if we don’t track them we are unable to tell if we are making progress. It’s much like traveling to a destination but never seeing a mile marker or anything else to indicate where we are or how far away we are from our destination. A midyear checkup gives us the information we are looking for, good or bad.

This can only be done if you have actually written your goals. If you haven’t, now is a good time to take on that task. You can be sure that it will be so much more difficult to realize your vision, personal or business If you have not committed it to paper. It’s like trying to hold water: it eventually all slips through your fingers.

Once you commit your vision and your goals to paper, keep a copy handy where you can easily access it. Clearly define your vision. See it – visualize it – as you would want your life and your business to unfold. Vague phrases like “I want to make a lot of money” or even “I want to travel a lot” does not give you a clear picture of what you want to happen. What is a lot? Where would your travels take you? When?

Your goals should be in even sharper focus because this is how you want your life to unfold as you strive to realize (live) your vision (your life). Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Those words very powerfully point to reasons to clearly define what you want your vision of your life to look like. Don’t let someone else define it for you. They can help you clarify what you want but they can’t create the vision.

Take the time to do an assessment. The process will give you peace of mind when you clearly define where you want to go in life. You can’t just wing it. If that is your tactic, then the winds will carry you wherever it blows and you will be clueless – merely reactionary.

So I ask you again, “What does your midyear vision checkup look like?”

Leave a comment about your vision. Are you goals clearly defined? Are you making the progress you expected to make?

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