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Re-Purpose, Rewrite – Create a Book

There are many reasons to write your book, and believe it or not, you may already have the material on hand. Have you written a speech or created blogs or articles, even scripts for webinars? You have the beginning of

your book already. Re-purpose the material. It becomes a matter of organizing your material and augmenting it so that it can be read as a book.

Today’s technology makes it easier than ever to write a book and get it published. So much of the control is in your hands when previous reality was that the publishing house had all the control, from the decision to publish your work to the publishing date.

Here a few steps to cover when you make that all important decision to write your book:

  1. Start your marketing early – even before you write your book.

  2. Decide whether you are publishing an ebook or printed book, hardback or paperback.

  3. Choose the publishing method and company you will use.

  4. Make an outline of your book.

  5. Based on your outline, determine the approximate length of your book.

  6. Establish how many words you will write a day and stick with it. Write, write, write!

  7. Once you have finished, review and rewrite until you have the manuscript that you want.

  8. Have your work proofed; don’t let typos and bad grammar ruin your book.

  9. Publish!

It is easier than many think, but it still takes patience, time and dedication to write your book, even when you have all the material on hand.

As you can tell, my focus is on writing a book. One of the reasons that writing a book is my goal for this year and because I realize the difference it can make in my business, I am encouraging you to make a difference in yours. Share the unique knowledge you have, realize personal satisfaction and gain business traffic, all from re-purposing, rewriting and creating your book.

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